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Neck Rejuvenation in Rochester, NY

What is neck rejuvenation in Rochester?

If you wish to reduce the signs of aging or even out your skin tone or color in your neck area, neck rejuvenation might be the answer. Glytone® neck peels can be used to help decrease moderate pigmentation, fine lines, small scars, and coarse wrinkles, producing an immediate skin lightening effect on the neck and décolleté.

At New Genesis we use a product called Glytone® in our neck rejuvenation procedures. Glytone® peels range in concentration from 30-70% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid peels are created specifically for physicians and are clinically proven and effective in reducing skin aging effects such as the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Photo-damaged skin

During your initial consultation, the physicians at New Genesis will evaluate your skin, discuss your medical history and your treatment goals, and create a treatment plan to meet your needs. The peel strength is based on your skin type and condition.

How is neck rejuvenation performed in Rochester, NY?

The targeted area will be cleansed, and a peel is placed on the neck area for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the skin condition. As the peel penetrates the pores, the patient may experience minor discomfort, which will disappear quickly. The skin is then neutralized to stop the peeling action, and a moisturizer is applied. The skin will appear younger, tighter, and healthier than ever before.

What are the benefits to neck rejuvenation in Rochester, NY?

Neck rejuvenation, achieved by a Glytone® neck peel, will bring definition back to your chin and jaw line and reduce the sign of blemishes in your neck area. Peels provide deeper treatment than microdermabrasion or traditional facials and provide a natural, healthy glow to your skin. The procedure requires no downtime and is quick and easy.

Neck Rejuvenation Pricing:

Payment is due following your scheduled appointment; we accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and/or cash.  Facial and Neck Rejuvenation pricing is available in the Skin Treatment section within our menu of services.

Medical Aestheticians at New Genesis also perform laser hair removal and Ultherapy®.

If you are a patient in the Rochester or surrounding areas of New York and would like more information about New Genesis or to schedule an appointment, call today at (585) 381-9966.