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Juvederm Voluma in Rochester, NY

What is Juvederm Voluma™ in Rochester?

Juvederm Voluma™ is on the cutting edge of beauty technology, providing the first FDA-approved injectable gel designed to aesthetically enhance the cheek. Clinical trials show that results last up to two full years, giving you the perfect lift for more contoured, age-defying cheeks and enhancing your overall look. Better yet, Juvederm Voluma™ allows you to return to normal activities within just one day, making it the smart decision to beat wrinkles and add defining volume to your cheeks.

How is Juvederm Voluma™ performed in Rochester?

Juvederm Voluma™ is injected below the skin during a simple procedure using a fine needle. The hyaluronic acid compound, which is naturally found in your skin, will leave wrinkled cheeks smooth so you can beat those age lines and achieve a more youthful look easily. At New Genesis, it is our goal to make you as comfortable as possible, and we take every step to make the process seamless, using various numbing creams and dental nerve blocks to prevent any mild discomfort.

After treatment, some patients may experience minor swelling, tenderness, firmness, redness, itching or bruising. Any side-effects typically dissipate within 2-4 weeks. Results of Juvederm Voluma™ treatment can last up to two full years. Many patients choose to undergo brief touch-up treatments to ensure that optimal results last as long as possible.

Juvederm Voluma™ Cost:

Payment is due following your scheduled appointment; we accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and/or cash.  Juvederm Voluma™ pricing is available within the dermal filler section on the menu of services.

At New Genesis we specialize in non-surgical health and wellness options including Radiesse®, Perlane®, and Sculptra®.

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