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Cheek Augmentation in Rochester, NY

What is cheek augmentation in Rochester?

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to emphasize the appearance of a person’s cheeks. Prominent cheek bones are a desired look for many patients, and this look can be created through the cheek augmentation process. Augmentation can be performed to enhance the upper cheek area as well as the areas below the cheek bone.

Over time, the appearance of the cheeks can change due to aging, skeletal changes, weight loss, and the depletion of collagen. These issues can cause the cheeks to have a flattened or hollow look. Cheek augmentation can restore the fullness of the cheeks that has been lost as a result of these factors. The results are fuller cheeks and a refreshed youthful appearance.

How is cheek augmentation performed in Rochester?

At New Genesis, the cheek augmentation procedure is non-surgical and is performed using injectables and fillers. This method is non-invasive, and patients benefit from a quick recovery period. The procedure is completed in the New Genesis office. The cheek area will be numbed using an anesthetic cream before the procedure to minimize your discomfort. We use dermal fillers such as Perlane® or Juvederm®, which are injected into the cheek area to increase the volume of your cheeks. The number of injections will depend on your treatment plan and desired results.

After the procedure, you may experience mild swelling for up to two days. Some bruising may occur, which can last about a week. Depending on the injectable fillers used, the results can last from six to twelve months.

Cheek Augmentation Pricing:

Payment is due following your scheduled appointment; we accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and/or cash.  Cheek augmentation pricing is available in the dermal fillers section within our menu of services.

If you are a patient in the area of Rochester, New York and would like to learn more about cheek augmentation, call New Genesis today at (585) 381-9966.